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Wednesday, February 1st, 2023

You are dead

The Bumbling Battles of the Skittish Squire

[Verse] When I saw red, my courage did flee, As Apprentice Coward, afraid as could be. But still I pressed on with trusty a lute, In shining armor, a sight so astute.

[Chorus] When I see red, my knees start to shake, As Journeyman Coward, I try to escape.

[Verse] "In Vas Vas Lag" (I invented this spell), To defeat the PKs, so they shall not prevail. In Vas Vas Lag cast, but the network so strong, The PKs unaffected, so they carried on.

[Chorus] When I see red, my knees start to shake, As Grandmaster Coward, I hope to escape.

[Verse] I set my sights on a dragon so grand, With fire and scales, I'd conquer this land. But the dragon, it proved, was too much to handle, And I tumbled down, on light like a candle.

[Chorus] When I see red, my knees still do shake, As Elder Coward, I'm starting to ache.

[Verse] But the PKs, they watched with surprise, They saw me stand up, with stars in my eyes. I tamed the dragon, with courage so bright, Then the PKs did acknowledge my might.

[Chorus] When I see red, my knees no more shake, At 120 Coward, there's a chance to escape!

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