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Dear Diary,

Thursday, March 14th, 2023

Greetings, honorable Mayor,

I humbly approach thee to voice my concerns,
Of a putrid pond, which my nose discerns.
East of Prevalia the vile waters lie,
Where the stench lingers, refusing to die.

I went near the pond, with naught but good intent,
But the air was toxic, making me feel spent.
The scent so noxious, it tokk me to the healer,
Who charged me a fee, in gold and in silver.

Mayor, it's clear that this situation is dire,
And I request thy help to quench this raging fire.
I beseech thee to take swift and devisive action,
For the healt and well-being of our fair faction.

Hoping that you'll consider my plea,
I remain, respectfully.

Yours truly,

You are dead

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