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Wednesday, February 1st, 2023

I overheard this song in a tavern the other day:

Loot and Laughter in Avadon I am a bandit, who roams at night, Stealing from those who dare to fight. I slip in the shadows, quiet as a mouse, Taking what I please, with nary a rouse. My blades are sharp, my aim is true, No treasure is safe, from me and my crew. I laugh at the guards, as they give chase, For I am too quick, to ever be caught in this place. I live for the thrill, of each new score, The rush of the hunt, I can't ignore. I take what I want, with a sly grin, And leave the citizens, to count their win. But there is one thing, that I covet so, A gem so rare, it's worth its weight in gold. I've heard it's kept, in a dragon's lair, But I won't stop, till I have it to share. So beware all ye, who cross my path, For I am a bandit, and I'll have your stash. I roam at night, with nimble feet, Stealing from those, who dare to compete.

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