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Overhead Messages

Track Murderers

Use your Tracking skill to see, if murderers are around. Select the red player icon (The message You will now hunt murderer players will appear) and click Begin Hunting:

Screenshot: Hunting gump

With 80 Hunting, this works quite well. A little arrow will indicate the direction of any murderers, you detect.

That arrow can be easily overlooked. Configure Razor to show overhead messages:

Screenshot: Razor overhead message configuration

Showing the distance to the closet PK

Even with filtering spam message, I don't see the warning messages in the bottom left corner well enough. Knowing, if a PK is closing in is very important for a noob like me. I found out, that we can insert words from the original message into the overhead message by selecting the word with {<word number>}. So I made an entry like this:

Screenshot: Razor overhead message configuration

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