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Emergency Escape Macro

Surviving Roaming Gangs of Murderers

Screenshot: Patrolling the Moongate

While farming in dungeons, you will see groups of Reds coming in and killing every newbie, they can find. With Hunting Mode you get ample warning.

Find a good spot to farm near a Moon Gate and use the Emergency Gate Escape macro to leave as soon as you see them arrive.

New script

The old macro no longer works on Outlands. WaitForGump is unreliable and one of the gumpresponse command doesn't work at all. I was advised to use scripts instead.

To use this script, be at most 2 tiles away from the moon gate.

Updated Razor Script Emergency Gate Escape

dclicktype 'blue moongate' ground waitforgump 3773199800 gumpresponse 15 waitforgump 3773199800 gumpresponse 2

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