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Growing Up in Avadon

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This page contains hints, how you can best survive the various dangers in Avadon, and earn your first gold for more advanced characters like mages or alchemists.

For I am a new player on Outlands myself, the hints on this page may not be ideal. So far, my concept seems to work, though. You can always ask other people about their ideas and opinions on the Discord channel #newplayer.

There is quite a bit to learn about the game. You don't need to know everything to have fun on UO Outlands, though. Still, as you discover new skills and game elements, I recommend you always read the corresponding wiki article, and you will master the game as fast as a frenzied ostard can run.


At the character creation screen, choose Custom with:

Once on Shelter Island, go to the healer and have him teach you 50 Healing, and learn either either Discordance or Magery, as you like. Get your skills to 70, before leaving the island:

Once you spent all 700 skill points, you will slowly let a few skills fade, so you can get better in others. This is the final template, I would aim for:

Once you can afford to buy Greater Heal potions, you may drop Healing to get the other skills to 100.

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