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Ostard Express Britannia's First Mail and Flower Delivery Service


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Terms of Service

Our mailing system is experimental, we might have to change the mode of operation or pricing over time. We will try to keep our customers updated about all changes. An address register is in the works, too.

Price list

TypeMax. ItemsMax. WeightPrice
Post Card3121000
Small Package351005000
Large Package100100020000

Item count and weight limit includes the MAIL INFO book as well as the gold for the postage. Hover over the container to see the totals:

Screen shot of a bag with the cursor hovering over a package, showing total items and weight
Example of a post card

How To Send Mail

Drop a container in the mail box at our post office. It must contain at a book, with the address of the recipient in it. That book must be named MAIL INFO. If our staff personally knows a recipient, you can use the name as address. All other recipients are to be given in coordinates, as a sextant will show them, like so:

Screenshot of a bag containing a book with the mail info
Example of an address label

Furthermore, your package has to contain the appropriate amount of gold. Item count and weight limits have to be followed strictly.

Receiving Mail

In order to receive mail, your house needs to have a mailbox, and the house must be set to public. Buy a mailbox at our shop or trade 1000 clean up points for one at the clean up officer in New Haven.

Failed Deliveries

If your mail cannot be delivered, be it that we cannot find the recipient, their mail box is in a private house, to wich we have no access, your package has an improper item count, too much weight or too little postage, we will keep your mail in storage as long as there is room.

We will also try to actively contact you, if we know, who you are. It is advisable to add your ICQ number or email address. Should you suspect, that your mail has not been delivered, please contact us.

Special Requests

If our standard offers don't cover your needs, contact us personally. This can be in-game or through external channels.

We can also try to help finding players or guilds, items on the market or information about the game on the web. Our private investigation department will be happy to take your requests. We also offer consultation, on how to do your own research.

Location of the Post Office

Our post office is located about one screen north east to the moongate in Brittain (Trammel):

Screenshot of the office

We also run a small shop in Vesper with basic equipment, new players will likely want to obtain. Find a rune to the shop on the front stairs.


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