Advanced Realism For ArmagetronAD

Thanks to the user CLU, I can provide a very nice movie pack to all players of Armagetron Advanced. The movie pack includes movie-like graphics and sounds as also an updated model for the cycles. Additionally, the movie pack works in Windows, Linux and Mac OS X!


The .zip contains the data for all three operating systems:

(Version: 2010-May-23, 4.8 MiB, 5038367 bytes)

I tweaked the movie pack a little bit; The pitch of the sound was too high (I only heard the sound at the original frequency, when I was very slow), so I stretched the wave by 30%.


The pack is not yet fully polished and for some reason CLU named the sounds folder "sound", but theoretically the files belong into:




C:\Program Files\Armagetron Advanced\moviepack\
C:\Program Files\Armagetron Advanced\moviesounds\

Max OS X

(Footnote: I suppose, the proper directory for sounds under Max OS X would be moviesounds, too, but I don't have a Mac and CLU told me this sound path twice.) User/Library/Application Support/Armagetron Advanced/moviepack/
User/Library/Application Support/Armagetron Advanced/sounds/

(Directory Screenshot)

Better Sound Without Movie Pack

I simply replaced the .wav files in the sounds directory, because I like to have the alternate sound without activating the slow and buggy movie pack routines.

Activating the Movie Pack

Tell your ArmagetronAD program to use the moviepack in the menu: (Footnote: You reach the "System Setup" menu easily by pressing ESC while you are playing.) System Setup / Misc Stuff / Moviepack: ON

Blurry Floor vs. Clear Lines

CLU told me, that he didn't like the colour of the floor in my screen shots, because they were too bright. (Footnote: System Setup / Display Settings / Detail Settings / Floor Detail : Textured Plane) I had Floor Detail set to "Double Textured Plane", because I didn't like the blurry lines when I was playing. Meanwhile, the first two screenshots show the floor, as intended by CLU. You can choose between both versions by changing the Floor Detail setting.

Supplementary Information

Screen Shots

Screen shot, dark floor, from above, two groups approaching each other

Screen shot, dark floor, blurry grid lines

Screen shot, team mate is overtaking

Screen shot, side view of a the cycle

Screen shot, cycle grinding (from behind) with Death Zone