Greetings, Program!

The ArmagetronAD-server corewar's incam intends to resemble the arena of the movie. Thus I reduced rubber a lot and, if more players are online, there should be two teams: Blue and Gold.

A screenshot from the movie

Before the release of the movie Tron, which by the way was one of the first movies using computer graphics, the authors intended user programs to be yellow, but someone later decided to make them blue instead.

To increase confusion, MCP programs are not always red, but blue in some occasions. I'd like to know, what herb they were smoking. Regardless of their efforts to eradicate the yellow color, they missed some scenes and so they still show the original golden user programs.

On my server, team Gold is representing the users, while team Blue represents the myrmidons of the Master Control Program. The AI's intelligence is set to maximum, since we are fighting a program that is 2,415 times smarter than it's inventor.


Light Cycles

A screenshot from the movie

Long Story Short

A collage telling the essence of the story