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X-Plane 11 Specific

Bugs, bugs, bugs...

Expect a few problems with vanilla X-Plane 11. Most of the time when I tried to find answers online, I either found nothing, or it was someone asking or help, but not getting a reply. The Discord wasn't all too helpful either.

What works well

Problems and Surprises

Cessna 172P Skyhawk

Barely Can't Turn, When Taxiing Slowly

Maybe this happened, because I don't have a full cockpit, but only a humble Logitech Extreme 3D joystick. I had to increase RPM extremely, when I wanted to go around curves. Overall, I had to go scary fast on the taxiways to get around in a controlled manner.

Solution: Assign a key to Toggle Nose Wheel Steering so you can turn it off. (

Running X-Pilot on a Remote Computer
Because My Audio Drivers Are Broken and the Microphone Doesn't Work

My Sim-PC has bad audio drivers and the microphone doesn't work. A mike is pretty important for VATSIM, so I wanted to use X-Pilot on another machine (Mike-PC) which can hear me, and this was easy to achieve:
Edit the file ...\X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins\xPilot\Resources\config.json on Sim-PC and change UseTcpSocket from false to true. Install X-Pilot on Mike-PC (no CLD download needed), use .simip <IP address of Sim-PC> in X-Pilot and connect.

How to Change the Tail Number (Call Sign)

Free Nav Data (For North America)

Although not being a strict requirement, you'll want to fly on VATSIM using current navigation data (Airports, procedures, etc.).
There are paid subscription services that offer this data with worldwide coverage, but the FAA provides free navdata for North America.

Cycle Mismatch

After downloading and installing the file, I got an error message about a cycle mismatch and X-Plane terminated:

Screenshot of the error message about a cycle mismatch

Global Replace, Still Out of Date

After some digging, I found out about a global replace method, by simply renaming the file FAACIFP18 to earth_424.dat. The cycle mismatch message stopped appearing, but the G530 navigation computer was still unhappy:

G530 showing the out-of-date message

Beware the Effective Date

The FAA web site offered 2 links, and I downloaded the most recent file. A friendly person on Discord told me to open it in Notepad and check the timestamp. It turned out, that I downloaded a version that is not yet valid. So I got the other file, verified that its EFFECTIVE time period is valid and reinstalled it. Finally, the out-of-date message was gone.

Detailed Instructions

  1. Download
  2. Make sure, the time period is valid. A file might not yet work.
  3. Extract FAACIFP18 from the .zip archive
  4. Rename the file to earth_424.dat
  5. Store it in ...\X-Plane 11\Custom Data\

Beware, European data seem to change. I was missing ILS and VORDMEs after I installed the FAA data.

Flight Planning


LOWI - Innsbruck Kranebitten

LOWL - Linz

LOWS - Salzburg

LOWW - Wien Schwechat

LOXT - Tulln Langenlebarn

LZIB - Bratislava


Abbreviations and Acronyms


See also the extensive list of aeronatical abbreviations on Wikipedia.