Sign Gloss Symbol Approximate Sun Sign Start Dates Approximate Sun Sign End Dates Ecliptic Longitude
(a ≤ λ < b)
House Polarity Modality Triplicity Northern Hemisphere Season Southern Hemisphere Season Modern Ruler Classic Ruler
Aries The Ram ♈︎ 21 March 20 April 0° to 30° 1 Positive Cardinal Fire Spring Autumn Mars
Taurus The Bull ♉︎︎ 21 April 21 May 30° to 60° 2 Negative Fixed Earth Spring Autumn Venus
Gemini The Twins ♊︎︎ 22 May 21 June 60° to 90° 3 Positive Mutable Air Spring Autumn Mercury
Cancer The Crab ♋︎︎ 22 June 23 July 90° to 120° 4 Negative Cardinal Water Summer Winter Moon
Leo The Lion ♌︎︎ 24 July 23 August 120° to 150° 5 Positive Fixed Fire Summer Winter Sun
Virgo The Maiden ♍︎︎ 24 August 23 September 150° to 180° 6 Negative Mutable Earth Summer Winter Mercury
Libra The Scales ♎︎︎ 24 September 23 October 180° to 210° 7 Positive Cardinal Air Autumn Spring Venus
Scorpio The Scorpion ♏︎︎ 24 October 22 November 210° to 240° 8 Negative Fixed Water Autumn Spring Pluto (or) Mars
Sagittarius The Archer (Centaur) ♐︎︎ 23 November 21 December 240° to 270° 9 Positive Mutable Fire Autumn Spring Jupiter
Capricorn The Goat ♑︎︎ 22 December 20 January 270° to 300° 10 Negative Cardinal Earth Winter Summer Saturn
Aquarius The Water-bearer ♒︎︎ 21 January 19 February 300° to 330° 11 Positive Fixed Air Winter Summer Uranus Saturn
Pisces The Fish ♓︎︎ 20 February 20 March 330° to 360° 12 Negative Mutable Water Winter Summer Neptune Jupiter
Modality 3 primes Alt. symbols Keywords Fire signs Water signs Air signs Earth signs
Cardinal 🜍 Action, dynamic, initiative, great force Aries Cancer Libra Capricorn
Fixed 🜔 Resistance to change, great willpower, inflexible Leo Scorpio Aquarius Taurus
Mutable 🜳 Adaptability, flexibility, resourcefulness Sagittarius Pisces Gemini Virgo
Polarity Element Symbol Keywords Sign triplicity
Positive Fire Assertion, drive, willpower Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Positive Air Communication, socialization, conceptualization Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Negative Earth Practicality, caution, material world Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Negative Water Emotion, empathy, sensitivity Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Planet (Symbol) in dignity in detriment in exaltation at fall
Sun (Sol) Leo Aquarius Aries Libra
Moon (First quarter moon) Cancer Capricorn Taurus Scorpio
Mercury (Mercury) Gemini and Virgo Sagittarius and Pisces Virgo Pisces
Venus (Venus) Libra and Taurus Aries and Scorpio Pisces Virgo
Mars (Mars) Aries and Scorpio Libra and Taurus Capricorn Cancer
Jupiter (Jupiter) Sagittarius and Pisces Gemini and Virgo Cancer Capricorn
Saturn (Saturn) Capricorn and Aquarius Cancer and Leo Libra Aries
Sign Yin/Yang Direction Season Fixed Element Trine
Rat Yang North Mid-Winter Water 1st
Ox Yin North Late Winter Earth 2nd
Tiger Yang East Early Spring Wood 3rd
Rabbit Yin East Mid-Spring Wood 4th
Dragon Yang East Late Spring Earth 1st
Snake Yin South Early Summer Fire 2nd
Horse Yang South Mid-Summer Fire 3rd
Sheep Yin South Late Summer Earth 4th
Monkey Yang West Early Autumn Metal 1st
Rooster Yin West Mid-Autumn Metal 2nd
Dog Yang West Late Autumn Earth 3rd
Pig Yin North Early Winter Water 4th

Planet Symbol Roman deity Greek God Babylonian God Armenian God Hindu God Egyptian God Connection Meaning (European) Meaning (Vedic)
Sun Sol
Ἥλιος (Helios)
Ἀπόλλων (Apollo)
𒀭𒌓 (Shamash) Արև (Arev) सूर्य (Surya) Ra
ancient God of Prophecy and Solar Incarnation
Helios means "sun."
The Sun God.
Associated with ego, sense of purpose, and vitality.
Son of Aditi and Kashyap; Surya means "the supreme light."
Moon Luna
Σελήνη (Selene)
Ἄρτεμις (Artemis)
𒂗𒍪 (Sin) Լուսին (Lusin) चंद्र (Chandra) Khonsu ancient Goddess of Hunting and Lunar Incarnation
Selene means "moon."
The Moon God.
Associated with emotions, the mother, and motherly instincts.
Chandra means "shining."
Mercury Mercury ʽἙρμῆς (Hermes) 𒀭𒀝 (Nabu) Լուծ (Luć) बुध (Budha) Thoth ancient God of messengers, travel, and/or commerce. A planet god known for his preserving and protecting nature to mankind and manhood. Associated with communication, wit, and cleverness.
Venus Venus Ἀφροδίτη (Aphrodite)
[Κύπριδα (Cypris)]
[Κυθέρεια (Cytherea)]
𒀭𒈹 (Inanna) Եղջերու (Yełjeru) शुक्र (Shukra) Isis
ancient Goddess of romance and lust; Venus means "love" and/or "sexual desire." The mentor of Asuras.
Associated with fertility, beauty, and enthusiasm.
Always helped demons in the war against gods; Shukra means "clear, pure, brightness, or clearness."
Mars Mars Ἀρης (Ares) 𒀭𒄊𒀕𒃲 (Nergal) Ծկրավորի (Ćkravori) मंगल (Mangala) Anhur ancient God of War Son of Earth.
This planet is associated with auspicious occasions .
Also associated with strength, aggression and anger.
Jupiter Jupiter
Δίας (Dias) 𒀭𒀫𒌓 (Marduk) Փառազնոտ (Þaŕaznot) गुरु (Guru)
बृहस्पती (Brihaspati)
Amun ancient Leader, King and Father of the Olympian Gods; Jupiter means "Jovial King" and/or "Father of Thunder." Mentor and teacher of gods.
Always helped gods in war against demons. Guru means "teacher" or "priest." Brihaspati means "lord of prayer or devotion." Associated with luck and expansion.
Saturn Saturn Κρόνος (Cronus) 𒀭𒊩𒌆𒅁 (Kajamanu) Արտախույր (Artakhuyr) शनि (Shani) Horkapet Horus ancient God of Agriculture and the Father of Jupiter.
Leader and ruler of the Titans; Saturn means "God of Seeds", "Father of the Harvest", and/or "Father Time."
Shani Dev, Son of Surya (Sun);God of Karma and Justice;Gives consequences for a person's deeds during life.
This planet is associated with status, equitable punishment, wisdom, ambition, patience, honor, toughness, but with pessimism, hardships, and fatalism.
Uranus Caelus Ουρανός (Ouranos) 𒀭𒀭 (Anshar) Երկնակ (Yerknak) अरुण (Aruna) Horus modern God of the Sky, Father of Saturn and Grandfather of Jupiter; "Uranus" and "Caelus" both mean "Sky" and/or "Father Sky." Charioteer of Sun and half brother of A mythological snake king Vasuki in Indian Puranas. Vasuki means "of divine being." This planet is associated with originality, eccentricity, electricity, and sudden changes.
Neptune Neptune Ποσειδῶν (Poseidon) 𒀭𒂗𒆠 (Enki) Մոսմոռակ (Mosmoŕak) वरुण (Varuna) Khnum modern God of the Sea God of rain in Indian mythology; Varuna means "God of the sea." This planet is associated with dreams, illusions, and psychic receptivity, but sometimes with vagueness and uncertainty as well.
Pluto Pluto Πλούτων (Plouton)
Ἅδης (Hades)
𒀭𒊩𒌆𒆠𒃲 (Ereshkigal) Հեռակ (Heŕak) यम (Yama) Osiris modern God of the Underworld and Death; Hades means "the unseen" and Pluto means "wealth." God of Death and Rebirth. Associated with subconscious forces, ruling all that is 'below the surface' (Abyss)
Sign House Ruling planet
Ruling body
Domicile Exaltation Detriment Fall
Aries 1st House Mars Mars Sun Venus Saturn
Taurus 2nd House Venus Venus Moon Pluto Uranus
Gemini 3rd House Mercury Mercury none Jupiter Neptune
Cancer 4th House Moon Moon Jupiter Saturn Mars
Leo 5th House Sun Sun Neptune Uranus Mercury
Virgo 6th House Mercury Mercury Mercury Neptune Venus
Libra 7th House Venus Venus Saturn Mars Sun
Scorpio 8th House Mars Pluto Pluto Uranus Venus Moon
Sagittarius 9th House Jupiter Jupiter none Mercury Neptune
Capricorn 10th House Saturn Saturn Mars Moon Jupiter
Aquarius 11th House Saturn Uranus Uranus none Sun Neptune
Pisces 12th House Jupiter Neptune Neptune Venus Mercury Mercury
House Traditional Ruling planet
1st House Saturn
2nd House Jupiter
3rd House Mars
4th House Sun
5th House Venus
6th House Mercury
7th House Moon
8th House Saturn
9th House Jupiter
10th House Mars
11th House Sun
12th House Venus
Planet Average speed
Highest speed
Lowest speed
Sun 00°59'08" 01°03'00" 00°57'10"
Moon 13°10'35" 16°30'00" 11°45'36"
Mercury 01°23'00" 02°25'00" −01°30'00"
Venus 01°12'00" 01°22'00" −00°41'12"
Mars 00°31'27" 00°52'00" −00°26'12"
Ceres 00°12'40" 00°30'00" −00°16'00"
Jupiter 00°04'59" 00°15'40" −00°08'50"
Saturn 00°02'01" 00°08'48" −00°05'30"
Uranus 00°00'42" 00°04'00" −00°02'40"
Neptune 00°00'24" 00°02'25" −00°01'45"
Pluto 00°00'15" 00°02'30" −00°01'48"
Pallas 00°12'20" 00°40'30" −00°22'30"
Juno 00°14'15" 00°39'00" −00°18'00"
Vesta 00°16'15" 00°36'00" −00°17'32"
Chiron 00°02'00" 00°10'00" −00°06'00"

House Related Sign Latin motto Translation Modern title Interpretation
1st Aries Vita Life House of Self Physical appearance, identity and characteristics. Resourcefulness. Outlook and impressions. Ego/personality. Goals. Determination. Beginnings and initiatives.
2nd Taurus Lucrum Gain House of Value Material and immaterial things of certain value. Money. Possessions and acquisitions. Cultivation. Substance. Self-worth.
3rd Gemini Fratres Order House of Sharing Communication. Distribution/generosity. Intelligence/development. Siblings. Locomotion and transportation. Ephemera.
4th Cancer Genitor Parent House of Home and Family Ancestry, heritage, roots. Foundation and environment. Mother or caretaker. Housing and the household. Neighborhood matters. Comfort, security. Tidiness. Pets.
5th Leo Nati Children House of Pleasure Recreational and leisure activities. Things which make for enjoyment and entertainment. Games/gambling/risk. Romance and limerence. Children/fertility. Creative self-expression.
6th Virgo Valetudo Health House of Health Routine tasks and duties. Skills or training acquired. Employment (job). Service performed for others. Strength, vitality. Wellness and healthcare. Courage.
7th Libra Uxor Spouse House of Balance Partnerships. Marriage and business matters. Diplomacy. Agreements, contracts and all things official. Equilibrium.
8th Scorpio Mors Death House of Transformation Cycles of deaths and rebirth. Sexual relationships and commitments of all kinds. Joint funds, finances. Other person's resource. Karma and debt (judgment). Regeneration. Self-transformation.
9th Sagittarius Iter Passage House of Purpose Travel and foreign affairs. Culture. Expansion. Law and ethics. Education/learning/knowledge. Philosophical interests, belief systems. Experience through exploration. Things long-term.
10th Capricorn Regnum Kingdom House of Enterprise Ambitions. Motivations. Career, achievements. Society and government. Father or authority. Notoriety. Advantage.
11th Aquarius Benefacta Support House of Blessings Benefits from effort. Friends and acquaintances of like-minded attitudes. Belonging. Groups, communities, and associations. Charity. Connectedness/networking. Love. Wish fulfillment. Wealth.
12th Pisces Carcer Rehabilitation House of Sacrifice Privacy, refuge; seclusion and retreating. Clandestiny↔Revelation. Intuition. Extremes/abundance, but also addictions. Luck, miracles. Releasing/relinquishing, healing/cleansing, forgiveness, and peacefulness. Finality/completion/conclusion.
Modality Keyword Houses
Angular Action 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th
Succedent Security 2nd, 5th, 8th and 11th
Cadent Learning 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th
Triplicity Keyword Houses
Fire Triplicity Identity 1st, 5th and 9th
Earth Triplicity Material 2nd, 6th and 10th
Air Triplicity Social, Intellectual 3rd, 7th and 11th
Water Triplicity Soul, Emotional 4th, 8th and 12th
House Title For a nation For a corporation
1st Life The public in which is vested all forms of enterprise and development. The shareholders.
2nd Gain Price of money, trade, returns, bullion imports, bills of exchange, etc.
3rd Brothers Railroads, tramways, omnibuses, traction of all sorts, locomotion, telephone, aircraft, canals, bridges and transports as well as postal service and all means of communication.
4th Parent Real estate, land explorations, mines, developments, crops, produce of raw material from the soil.
5th Children Educational matters, art, theatres, cinemas, amusements and schools.
6th Health Foodstuffs, clothing, equipment, outfitting supplies, upholstering, furnishings, building and upfitting. The employees.
7th Spouse Accountancy, banking, corporations, exchanges, contracts, equity, discounting, surveying, valuations, probate, etc.
8th Death Waste products, conservancy, dredging, petrol, parafine, benzine, medical accessories, chemicals and nitrates.
9th Journeys Insurance, cables, publishing, wireless, radiographs, liners and foreign affairs.
10th Kingdom State affairs, the government and political activity generally. The chairman or the key person in charge.
11th Support The Exchequer, bonds, government loans, electric and gaslight companies. The board of directors.
12th Rehabilitation Launderies, breweries, fisheries boot mfgrs, hosiery and cold storage.
Spatial house system Fundamental Plane Division Reference point(s) Projection onto the ecliptic 1st cusp 10th cusp
Whole sign Ecliptic 12 equal sectors of 30° in longitude Rising Sign - 0° of rising sign 0° of Nonagesimal sign
Equal house Longitude of AscAsc) λAsc Nonagesimal
Asc - 90º)
M-House Longitude of MC (λMC) λMC + 90º λMC
Porphyry Trisection of MC-Asc longitude arc (11th, 12th cusps)
Trisection of Asc-IC longitude arc (2nd, 3rd cusps)
Longitudes of MC, Asc and IC λAsc
Carter's Poly Equatorial Celestial equator 12 equal sectors of 30° in RA
(2 sidereal hours)
RA of Asc Along great circles containing the celestial poles Not the MC
Meridian RA of MC East Point
(Equatorial Ascendant)
Morinus Along great circles containing the ecliptic poles λMC + 90º Not the MC
Regiomontanus Along great circles containing the North and south points of the Horizon λAsc λMC
Campanus Prime vertical 12 equal sectors of 30° Zenith

Liber 777

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0 Ain (אין) - Ain Soph (אין סוף) - Ain Soph Aur (אין סוף אור) Limitless LVX - No Limit - Nothing 0 ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Harpocrates, Amoun, Nuith [[Nuit and Hadit]] Heru-pa-Kraath The Hair (Nu) AUM Nothing and Neither P nor p' | Space | Consciousness Nerodha-samapatti, Nirvikalpa- samadhi, Shiva darshana ... Pan ... ... [[Dragon]] [[Lotus, Rose]] [[Star Sapphire, Black Diamond]] [[No attribution possible]] LASTAL. M . . . . M [[No attribution possible]] ... Carbon The Supreme Attainment [[Vision of No Difference]] The Tao or Great Extreme of the Yi King ... The Circle
1 (כתר) Kether Crown 1 Root of 🜁 1st Plane - Middle Pillar Admirable The 4 Aces Brilliance #FFFFFF White brilliance #FFFFFF White brilliance #FFFFFF White flecked gold #FFECB3 Ptah, Asar un Nefer, Hadith [[Heru-Ra-Ha]] Ptah The Face (Disk) & The Neck (Asi) Parabrahm [[Shiva, Brahma]] Indifference Unity with Brahma, Atma darshana Wotan Zeus, Ikarus Jupiter God the 3 in 1 God [[Swan, Hawk]] Man Almond in Flower [[Banyan]] Diamond Swastika or Fylfot Cross, Crown [[The Lamp]] ... Ambergris Elixir Vitæ Aur. Pot. Union with God Shang Ti (also the Tao) ... The Point
2 Chokmah () Wisdom 3 Root of 🜁 2nd Plane - Right Pillar Illuminating Wisdom The 4 Twos - Kings / Knights Pure soft blue #87CEEB Grey #808080 Blue pearl grey, like mother-of pearl #8DA399 White, flecked red, blue, and yellow #FFFFFF moun, Thoth, Nuith [Zodiac] Isis (as Wisdom) The Face (Disk) & The Neck (Asi) Shiva, Vishnu, Akasa, Lingam Joy ... Odin Athena, Uranus Janus [[Mercury]] God the Fater, who guides Parliament Man Amaranth [[Mistletoe, Bo or Pipal Tree]] Star Ruby, Turquoise Lingam, the Inner Robe of Glory [[The Word]] VIAOV Musk Hashish [[Cocaine]] Phosphorus The Vision of God face to face [[Vision of Antinomies]] The Yang and Khien The Cross The Line, also the Cross
3 (בינה) Binah Understanding 6 Root of 🜁 2nd Plane - Left Pillar Sanctifying Understanding The 4 Threes - Queens Crimson #DC143C Black #000000 Dark brown #654321 Grey flecked pink #C4C4C4 Maut,Isis,Nephthy Nephthys The Face (Disk) & The Neck (Asi) Bhavani (All Sakti), Prana (Force), Yoni Compassion ... Frigga Cybele, Demeter, Rhea, Heré, Kronos, Pyché Juno, Cybele, Hecate The Virgin Mary Woman [[Bee]] Cypress, Opium Poppy [[Lotus, Lily, Ivy]] Star Sapphire, Pearl Yoni, the Outer Robe of Concealment [[The Cup, the Shining Star]] BABALON. VITRIOL Myrrh, Civet Belladonna, Soma Silver The Vision of Sorrow [[Vision of Wonder]] Kwan-se-on, The Yin and Khwan The Triangle The Plane, also the Diamond, Oval, Circle, and other Yoni Symbols
4 Chesed () Mercy 10 🜄 3rd Plane - Right Pillar Measuring Cohesive or Receptcular Mercy The 4 Fours Deep violet #9400D3 Blue #0000FF Deep purple #9932CC Deep azure flecked yellow #1E90FF Amoun,Isis[[Hathoor]] Amoun The Arms (Neith) Indra, Brahma Friendliness ... Wotan Poseidon [[Zeus]] Jupiter [[Libitina]] God the Rain-Maker, God the Farmer's Friend Unicorn Olive, Shamrock [[Opium Poppy]] Amethyst, Sapphire [[Lapis Lazuli]] The Wand, Sceptre, or Crook IHVH Cedar Opium ... The Vision of Love ... Tetrahedron or Pyramid, Cross The Solid Figure
5 (גבורה) Geburah Strength 15 🜂 3rd Plane - Left Pillar Radical Strength The 4 Fives Orange #FFA500 Scarlet red #FF2400 Bright scarlet #FF2400 Red flecked black #8B0000 Horus,Nephthys Horus The Arms (Neith) Vishnu, Varruna-Avatar Death ... Thor Ares, Hades Mars Christ coming to Judge the World Basilisk Oak, Nux Vomica, Nettle [[Hickory]] Ruby The Sword, Spear, Scourge, or Chain AGLA. ALHIM Tobacco Nux Vomica, Nettle [[Cocaine, Atropine]] Iron, Sulphur The Vision of Power ... The Rose The Tesseract
6 Tiphareth () Beauty 21 🜁 4th Plane - Middle Pillar Beauty of the Mediating Influence The 4 Sixes - Emperor or Princes Clear pink rose #FFE1FF Yellow (gold) #FFD700 Rich salmon #FF8C69 Gold amber #FFC200 Asar, Ra [[On, Hrumachis]] Ra The Breast (Mighty Terrible One) Vishu-Hari-Krischna-Rama The Gods Vishvarupa-darshana ... Ikarus, Apollo, Adonis [[Dionysis, Bacchus]] Apollo [[Bacchus, Aurora]] God the Son (Maker of fine Weather) Phœnix, Lion, Child [[Spider, Pelican]] Acacia, Bay, Laurel, Vine [[Oak, Gorse, Ash, Aswata]] Topaz, Yellow Diamond The Lamen or Rosy Cross ABRAHADABRA. IAO: INRI Olibanum Stramonium, Alcohol, Digitalis, Coffee ... The Vision of the Harmony of Things (also the Mysteries of the Crucifixion), [[Beatific Vision]] Li Calvary Cross, Truncated Pyramid, Cube ...
7 (נצח) Netzach Victory 28 🜂 5th Plane - Right Pillar Hidden (Occult) Victory The 4 Sevens Amber #FFBF00 Emerald #50C878 Bright yellow green Red-russet Not a valid color description Olive flecked gold #808000 Hathoor Hathoor The Reins (Lords of Kereba) - The Hips and Legs (Nuit) [[Bhavani, etc.]] Analysis into 4 Elements ... Freya Aphrodite, Nike Venus Messiah, Lord of Hosts Iynx [[Raven, all carrion birds]] Rose [[Laurel]] Emerald The Lamp and Girdle ARARITA Benzoin, Rose, Red Sandal Damiana, Cannabis Indica [[Anhalonium]] Arsenic The Vision of Beauty Triumphant ... A Rose (7x7), Candlestick ...
8 Hod () Splendour 36 🜄 5th Plane - Left Pillar Absolute (Perfect) Splendour The 4 Eights Violet purple #A020F0 Orange #FFA500 Very dark purple #330066 Yellow-brown flecked white #DAA520 Anubis Thoth The Reins (Lords of Kereba) - The Hips and Legs (Nuit) Hanuman Dhamma ... Odin, Loki Hermes Mercury God the Holy Ghost, God the Healer of Plagues Hermaphrodite, Jackal [[Twin serpents, Monoceros de Astris]] Moly, Anhalonium Lewinii Opal, especially Fire Opal The Names and Versicles and Apron ... Storax Anhalonium Lewinii [[Cannabis Indica]] Mercury The Vision of Splendour [Ezekiel] ... ... ...
9 (יסוד) Yesod Foundation 45 🜁 6th Plane - Middle Pillar Pure (Clear) Foundation The 4 Nines Indigo #4B0082 Violet #EE82EE As Queen scale, but flecked with gold Not a valid color description Citrine flecked azure #E4D00A Shu [[Hermanubis, all exclusively phallic Gods]] Shu The Phallus and Vulva. The Spine Ganesha, Vishnu (Kurm Avatar) Sangha & The Body ... ... Zeus (as Air), Diana of Epheus, Eros Diana (as Water) [[Terminus, Jupiter]] God the Holy Ghost (as Incubus) Elephant [[Tortoise, Toad]] [Banyan], Mandrake, Damiana [[Ginseng, Yohimba]] Quartz The Perfumes and Sandals, The Altar ALIM Jasmine, Jinseng, all Odoriferous Roots Orchid Root Lead The Vision of the Machinery of the Universe ... ... ...
10 Malkuth () Kingdom 55 🜃 7th Plane - Middle Pillar Resplendent Kingdom The 4 Tens - Empresses or Princesses Yellow #FFFF00 Citrine #E4D00A Blue emerald green Grey #669999 Black rayed yellow #F8D568 Seb. Lower (i.e. unwedded) Isis and Neph- thys. [[Sphinx as synthesis of Elements]] Osiris The Buttocks and Anus (Eye of Hoor) Lakshmi [Kundalini] Sangha & The Body Vision of the “Higher Self,” the various Dhyanas or Jhanas ... Persephone, Adonis, Psyche Ceres Ecclesia Xsti, the Virgin Mary Sphinx Willow, Lily, Ivy [[Pomegranate, all cereals]] Rock Crystal The Magical Circle and Triangle VITRIOL Dittany of Crete Corn Mag. Sulph. The Vision of the Holy Guardian Angel or of Adonai Khan Altar (Double Cube), Calvary Cross ...
11 (אלף) Aleph Ox 66 Hot & Moist 🜁 1 to 2 Scintillating Ox The Fool - Swords - Emperors of Princes Bright pale yellow #FFFF9D Sky blue #87CEEB Cold pale blue #AECBF0 Emerald flecked gold #50C878 Nu [[Hoor-pa-kraat as ATU 0]] Mout The Breast (Mighty Terrible One) The Maruts [Vayu] Wind Vaya-Bhawana Valkyries Zeus Jupiter [[Juno, Æolus]] Matthew Eagle, Man (Cherub of D) [[Ox]] Aspen Topaz The Dagger or Fan ... Galbanum Peppermint ... Divination Sun ... Those of 🜁y Triplicity
12 Beth () House 78 ... 1 to 3 House of Transparency The Juggler Yellow #FFFF00 Purple #800080 Early spring green #00FF7F Indigo rayed violet #8A2BE2 ThothandCynocephalus Thoth The Lips (Anpu) Hanuman, Vishnu (Parasa-Rama) Yellow ... ... Hermes Mercury Sardis Swallow, Ibis, Ape [[Twin Serpents, fish, hybrids]] Vervain, Herb Mercury, Major-lane, Palm [[Lime or Linden]] Opal, Agate The Wand or Caduceus ... Mastic, White Sandal [[Nutmeg]], Mace, Storax, all Fugitive Odors All cerebral excitants Mercury Miracles of Healing, Gift of Tongues, Knowledge of Sciences Sun Calvary Cross Octagram
13 (גמל) Gimel Camel 91 ... 1 to 6 Uniting Camel The High Priestess Blue #0000FF Silver #C0C0C0 Brilliant flame #E25822 Silver rayed sky-blue #A6CAF0 Chomse Chomse The Left Eye (Hathor) Chandra (as Water) Loathsomeness of Good Vision of Chandra ... Artemis, Hekate Diana (as Water) [[Terminus, Jupiter]] Laodicea Dog [[Stork, Camel]] Almond, Mugwort, Hazel (as =), Moonwort, Ranunculus [[Alder, Pomegranate]] Moonstone, Pearl, Crystal Bow and Arrow ALIM Menstrual Blood, Camphor, Aloes, all Sweet Virginal Odours Jupiter, Pennyroyal, & all emmenogogues ... The White Tincture, Clairvoyance, Divination by Dreams Kan and Khwan Greek Cross (Plane), Table of Shew-bread Enneagram
14 Daleth () Door 105 ... 2 to 3 Illuminating Door The Empress Emerald green #00C957 Sky blue #87CEEB Deep warm olive #58423F Bright rose of cerise rayed pale yellow #FF69B4 Hathor Hathoor The Left Nostril (Khenti-Khas) Lalita (sexual aspect of Sakti) Dark Blue Success in Bhaktioga Freya Aphrodite Venus Thyatira Sparrow, Dove [[Swan, Sow, birds generally]] Myrtle, Rose, Clover [[Fig, Peach, Apple]] Emerald, Turquoise The Girdle ΑΓΑΠΗ Sandalwood, Myrtle, all Soft Voluptuous Odours All aphrodisiacs ... Love-philtres Tui ... Heptagram
15 (הה) Hé Window 120 Sun - 🜂 - Jupiter 2 to 6 Constituting Window The Emperor Scarlet #FF2400 Red #FF0000 New yellow leather Not a valid color description Glowing red #FF4500 Men Thu Isis ... Shiva, Vishnu, Akasa, Lingam Bloody Corpse ... ... Athena Mars, Minerva The Disciples (but too indefinite) Ram, Owl Tiger Lily, Geranium [[Olive]] Ruby The Horns, Energy, the Burin ... Dragon's Blood All cerebral excitants ... Power of Consecrating Things ... ... Peur*
16 Vau () Nail 136 Venus - 🜃 - Moon 2 to 4 Triumphal (Eternal One) Nail The Hierophant Red orange #FF4500 Deep indigo #4B0082 Rich bright russet #D93C30 Rich brown #964B00 Asar,Ameshet,Apis Osiris The Shoulders (Ba-Neb-Tattu) Shiva (Sacred Bull) Beaten and Scattered Corpse Success in Hathayoga, Asana and Prana-yama ... Here Venus [[Hymen]] ... Bull (Cherub of E) [[all beasts of Burden]] Mallow [[all giant trees]] Topaz The Labour of Preparation [[The Throne and Altar]] ... Storax Sugar ... The Secret of Physical Strength ... ... Amission*
17 (זין) Zain Sword 153 Saturn - 🜁 - Mercury 3 to 6 Disposing One Sword The Lovers Orange #FFA500 Pale Mauve #FBAED2 Grey Green grey Not a valid color description Reddish grey inclined to mauve #9B6E8A Twin Deities, Rekht, Merti [[Heru-Ra-Ha]] The twin Merti ... Various twin and hybrid Deities White ... ... Castor and Pollux, Apollo the Diviner, Eros Castor and Pollux, [Janus] [[Hymen]] ... Magpie, hybrids [[Parrot, Zebra, Penguin]] Hybrids, Orchids Alexandrite, Tourmaline, Iceland Spar The Tripod ... Wormwood Ergot and ecbolics ... Power of being in two or more places at one time, and of Prophecy ... Swastika Albus*
18 Cheth () Fence 171 Mars - 🜁 3 to 5 Fence of the House of Influence The Chariot Amber #FFBF00 Maroon #800000 Rich purple #A040A0 Dark greenish brown #3C241B Khephra Hormakhu ... [[Krishna]] Worm-eaten Corpse ... ... Apollo The Charioteer Mercury [[Lares and Penates]] ... Crab, Turtle, Sphinx [[Whale, all beasts of Transport]] Lotus Amber The Furnace [[The Cup or Holy Graal]] ABRAHADABRA Onycha Watercress ... Power of Casting Enchantments ... ... Populus and Via*
19 (טית) Teth Serpent 190 Sun - 🜂 - Jupiter 4 to 5 Serpent of all the Activities of the Spiritual Being Strength Yellow, greenish #ADFF2F Deep purple #9932CC Deep blue-green #006994 Reddish amber #FF4500 Ra-Hoor-Khuit,Pasht,Sekhet,Mau Horus The Breast (Mighty Terrible One) Vishnu (Nara-Singh Avatar) Gnawed by Wild Beasts Corpse ... ... Demeter Venus (Repressing Fire of Vulcan) ... Lion (Cherub of B) [[Cat, Tiger, Serpent, Woman]] Sunflower Cat's Eye The Discipline (Preliminary) [[Phoenix Wand]] ΤΟ ΜΕΓΑ ΘΗΡΙΟΝ Olibanum All carminatives and tonics ... Power of Training Wild Beasts ... ... Fortuna Major and Fortuna Minor*
20 Yod () Hand 210 Venus - 🜃 - Moon 4 to 6 Hand of Will Hermit Green, yellowish #ADFF2F Slate grey #708090 Deep olive-green #556B2F Plum colour #DDA0DD Isis (as Virgin) Heru-pa-Kraath ... The Hpo girls, the Lord of Yoga Bloated Corpse ... ... Attis [Attis], Ceres, Adonis [[Vesta, Flora]] ... Virgin, Anchorite, any solitary person or animal [[Rhinoceros]] Snowdrop, Lily, Narcissus [[Mistletoe]] Peridot The Lamp and Wand (Virile Force reserved), the Bread [[Lotus Wand]] ... Narcissus All anaphrodisiacs ... Invisibility, Parthenogenesis, Initiation (?) ... ... Conjunctio *
21 (כף) Kaph Palm 231 ... 4 to 7 Palm of Conciliation Wheel of Fortune Violet #EE82EE Blue #0000FF Very dark brown #321414 Bright blue rayed yellow #00FFFF Amoun-Ra Amoun-Ra The Left Ear (Aput) Brahma, Indra Liberality ... ... Zeus Jupiter, [Pluto] Philadelphia Eagle [[Praying Mantis]] Hyssop, Oak, Poplar, Fig [[Arnica, Cedar]] Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli The Sceptre ... Saffron Cocaine ... Power of Acquiring Political and other Ascendency Li ... Square and Rhombus
22 Lamed () Ox Goad 253 Saturn - 🜁 - Mercury 5 to 6 Faithful Ox Goad Justice Emerald green #00C957 Blue #0000FF Green #008000 Pale green #98FB98 Ma Maat ... Yama Hacked in Pieces Corpse ... ... Themis, Minos, Aecus and Rhadamanthus Vulcan [[Venus, Nemesis]] ... Elephant [[Spider]] Aloe Emerald The Cross of Equilibrium ... Galbanum Tobacco ... Works of Justice and Equilibrium ... Greek Cross Solid, the Rose (3+7+12) Puella
23 (מים) Maim Water 276 Cold & Moist 🜄 5 to 8 Stable Water The Hanged Man - Cups - Queens Deep blue #00008B Sea-green #2E8B57 Blue black #000080 White flecked purple #E6E6FA Tum, Ptah, Auramoth (as Water), Asar (as Hanged Man), Hekar, Isis [[Hathor] Ieqhourey (To revisit) The Belly and Back (Sekhet) Soma [Apas] Water Apo-Bhawana ... Poseidon Neptune [[Rhea]] John, Jesus as Hanged Man Eagle-Snake-Scorpion (Cherub of Water) Lotus, all Water Plants Beryl or Aquamarine The Cup and Cross of Suffering, the Wine [[Water of Lustration]] ... Onycha, Myrrh Caseara, all purges Sulphates The Great Work, Talismans, Crystal-gazing, & c. Tui ... Those of 🜄y Triplicity
24 Nun () Fish 300 Mars - 🜄 6 to 7 Imaginative Fish Death Green blue #006400 Dull brown #964B00 Venetian red #C80815 Livid indigo brown (like a black beetle) #565051 Merti goddesses, Typhon, Apep, Khephra Hammemit The Belly and Back (Sekhet) Kundalini [Yama]] Skeleton Corpse ... ... Ares [[Apollo the Pythean, Thanatos]] Mars [[Mors]] ... Scorpio, Beetle, Crayfish or Lobster, Wolf [[all Reptiles, Shark, Crablouse]] Cactus [[Nettle, all poisonous plants]] Snakestone [[Greenish Turquoise]] The Pain of the Obligation [[The Oath]] AUMGN Siamese Benzoin, Opoponax ... ... Necromancy ... ... Rubeus*
25 (סמך) Samekh Prop 325 Sun - 🜂 - Jupiter 6 to 9 Prop of Probation (Tentative) One Temperence Blue #0000FF Yellow #FFFF00 Blueish mauve #9370DB Dark vivid blue #002FA7 Nephthys Arwuerie (To revisit) ... Vishnu (Horse-Avatar) Limited Aperture ... ... Apollo, Artemis (hunters) Diana (Archer) [[Iris]] ... Centaur, Horse, Hippogriff, Dog Rush Jacinth The Arrow (swift and straight application of force) ON Lign-aloes ... ... Transmutations [[Vision of Universal Peacock]] ... The Rose (5x5) Acquisitio*
26 Ayin () Eye 351 Venus - 🜃 - Moon 6 to 8 Renovating Eye The Devil Indigo #4B0082 Black #000000 Light translucent pinksh brown Not a valid color description Cold dark grey near black #292929 Khem (Set) Set The Buttocks and Anus (Eye of Hoor) Lingam, Yoni Putrid Corpse ... ... Pan, Priapus Pan, Vesta, Bacchus ... Goat, Ass [[Oyster]] Indian Hemp, Orchis Root, Thistle [[Yohimba]] Black Diamond The Secret Force, Lamp ON Musk, Civet ( also ♄ian Perfumes) Orchis [Satyrion] ... The Witches' Sabbath so-called, the Evil Eye ... Calvary Cross of 10, Solid Carcer*
27 (פה) Pé Mouth 378 ... 7 to 8 Exciting Mouth The House of God Scarlet #FF2400 Red #FF0000 Rich amber #FFBF00 Bright red rayed azure or orange #FF4500 Horus Mentu The Right Nostril (Khenti-Khas) [[Krishna]] Blood-red ... Tuisco Ares [[Athena]] Mars Pergamos Horse, Bear, Wolf [[Boar]] Absinthe, Rue Ruby, any red stone The Sword ... Pepper, Dragonís Blood, all Hot Pungent Odours ... ... Works of Wrath and Vengeance Kan ... Pentagram
28 (צדי) Tzaddi Fish-hook 406 Saturn - 🜁 - Mercury 7 to 9 Natural Fish-hook The Star Violet #EE82EE Sky blue #87CEEB Scarlet, flecked gold Not a valid color description White tinged purple #F5F0FF Ahepi, Aroueris Nuit The Reins (Lords of Kereba) [[The Maruts]] Purple Corpse ... ... [[Athena]] Ganymede Juno [[Æolus]] ... Man or Eagle (Cherub of Air), Peacock [Olive], Cocoanut Artificial Glass [[Chalcedony]] The Censer or Aspergillus ... Galbanum All diuretics ... Astrology ... ... Tristitia*
29 (קוף) Qoph Back of head 435 Mars - 🜄 7 to 10 Corporeal Back of head The Moon Crimson (ultra violet) #8A2BE2 Buff, flecked silver-White #CCCCCC Blue black #000080 Stone colour #AAADB2 Khephra (as Scarab in Tarot Trump) Anubi ... Vishnu (Matsya Avatar) Conduct ... ... Poseidon [[Hermes Psychopompus]] Neptune ... Fish, Dolphin [[Beetle, Dog, Jackal]] Unicellular Organisms, Opium [[Mangrove]] Pearl The Twilight of the Place and Magic Mirror ... Ambergris [[Menstrual Fluid]] All narcotics ... Bewitchments, Casting Illusions ... ... Laetitia*
30 (ריש) Resh Head 465 ... 8 to 9 Collecting Head The Sun Orange #FFA500 Gold Yellow #FFD700 Dark brown #654321 Amber rayed red #FFBF00 Ra Ra The Right Eye (Hathor) Agni [Tejas], Yama [Last Judgement] Light Vision of Surya ... Helios, Apollo Apollo [[Ops]] Smyrna Lion, Sparrowhawk [[Leopard]] Sunflower, Laural, Heliotrop [[Nut, Galangal]] Crysolith The Lamen or Bow and Arrow IAO : INRI Olibanum, Cinnamon, all Glorious Odours Alcohol ... The Red Tincture, Power of Acquiring Wealth Li and Khien ... Hexagram
31 (שין) Shin Tooth 496 Hot & Dry 🜂 8 to 10 Perpetual Tooth The Angel or Last Judgement - Wands - Kings or Knights Glowing orange scarlet #FF4500 Vermillion #FF4D00 The 7 prismatic colours, the violet being outside Not a valid color description Vermillion flecked crimson & emerald #E34234 Thoum-Aesh-Neith, Mau, Kabeshunt, Horus, Tarpesheth Mau The Teeth - The Breast Surya (Sun) Fire Agni-Bhawana ... Hades Vulcan, Pluto Mark Lion (Cherub of Fire) Red Poppy, Hibiscus, Nettle [[all scarlet flowers]] Fire Opal The Wand or Lamp, Pyramid of 🜂 [[The Thurible]] ... Olibanum, all Fiery Odours ... Nitrates Evocation, Pyromancy Kan ... Those of 🜂y Triplicity
32 (תו) Tau Tau (as Egyptian) 528 ... 9 to 10 Administrative Tau (as Egyptian) The Universe Indigo #4B0082 Black #000000 ... ... Black rayed blue #00008B Sebek,Mako ... The Right Earh (Aput) Brahma, Indra Quiescence ... ... [Athena] Saturn [[Terminus, Astræa]] Ephesus Crocodile Ash, Cypress, Hellebore, Yew, Nightshade [[Elm]] Onyx A Sickle ... Assafœtida, Scammony, Indigo, Sulphur (all Evil Odours) ... Lead Works of Malediction and Death Khan ... Triangle
32 bis (תו) Tau ... ... Cold & Dry 🜃 ... ... Empresses - Coins Citrine, Russet, Olive, Black #E4D00A, #80461B, #808000, #000000 Amber #FFBF00 ... ... Black and yellow #000000 Satem,Ahapshi,Nephthys,Ameshet ... The Bones (Alim Czim) [[Prithivi]] Earth Prithiva-Bhawana ... [Demeter] [[Gaia]] Ceres Luke Bull (Cherub of Earth) Oak, Ivy [[Cereals]] Salt The Pantacle or [[Bread and]] Salt ... Storax, all Dull and Heavy Odours ... Bismuth Alchemy, Geomancy, Making of Pantacles [[Travels on the Astral Plane]] Kan ... Those of 🜃y Triplicity
31 bis (שין) Shin ... ... ... ... ... All 22 Trumps White, merging Grey #EEEEEE Deep purble (near black) #111111 ... ... White, red, yellow, blue, black (the latter outside) #FFFFFF Asar ... ... [[Akasa]] Breathing Vision of the Higher Self, Prana-yama ... Ikarus [Liber] [[Bacchus]] The Holy Ghost Sphinx (if sworded and crowned) Almond in Flower Black Diamond [[The Winged Egg]] ... [[No attribution possible]] Stramonium Carbon Invisibility, Transformations, Vision of the Genius ... ... ...