The Core War Imp Ring
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This alpha version expects full HD screen resolution.


The core should be compatible with ICWS94 v3.3, as I found it on Github.

Missing Features


ARES' assembler is incomplete and not tested well, it might crash silently. You can check for error messages in the deverloper console of your browser. Please ignore glitches in the UI, work on it is ongoing.

User Experience

Assuming the user already knows Corewar, the final version of ARES3 should ideally get by without instructions or a user manual. I'd love to hear your opinions/rants/suggestions about the user interface and the work flow!

Someone already complained that ARES3 uses floating windows. I am not yet sure, what do do about that. Options are to add a tiling window mode to my little framework, or give ARES an optional fixed layout.


Log in to my chat (no registration) and wait a minute. Alternatively, find me on, or check my contact page for other communication channels.