Welcome back, traveller!

I returned to Ultima Online after last playing in 2005 or so. As of the time, I am writing this, I am still a young player and have only been playing for 4 days so far. Expect some inaccuracies or missing things on this page.

This page may need some updates, since I have heard, some things have changed, like new templates having been made possible or added. On the other hand, I can gladly tell you, that the important things seem to have stayed as they should. You will find yourself in pretty much the same game you loved and hated.

A few new things

Help channel and Global Chat

Getting Noob Gear

It looks like it is pretty easy to come by nice starting equipment, just go to New Haven and ask around. If you don't like begging, just wait until someone drops off stuff. I have picked up a 100% LRC on the first day