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Enhanced Client

Infomation here is specific to the Enhanced Client and about things not explicitly explained in the Introduction to Ultima Online.


Ultima Online provides several mechanisms to communicate with other players. Unfortunately the official wiki and the labels in the Enhanced Client use some terms inconsistently, which may cause confusion, especially the term Channel.

We can differentiate between the following means of communication:

Selecting a Channel #1 (Mode of Speech)

There are two possible meanings of the word Channel in the Enhanced Client. Modes of speech and private chats are combined in the red button left to the chat area, that says Left Click: Select Channel, when you hover over it. Clicking it brings up a selection menu:

Screenshot, How to select a speech channel

Selecting a Channel #2 (Public Shard Chat)

To select a channel in the Shard wide, public chat, click the chat icon in the hot bar. Two windows will pop up. The option /Chat (Channel) from the screenshot above refers to the channel you select in Channels:

Screenshot, How to select a Shard Chat channel

Global Chat (Friends List)

By default, your client is set to reject requests for being added to other player's friends lists. To enable it, press ESC and choose User Settings and go to the tab Filters. Uncheck the option Ignore Channel Chat Players:

Screenshot, How to enable Global Chat invites

Guild Invites

By default, your client is set to reject requests for being invited to a guild. To enable it, click the guild button in the hot bar and uncheck the option Ignore Guild Invites:

Screenshot, How to enable Guild Invites

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