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Classic Client

Infomation here is specific to the Classic Client and about things not explicitly explained in the Introduction to Ultima Online.


To speak, just type your text and press Return. There are several modes of speech and various chats. To use those, you need to prefix your text with the according symbol:

YellExclamation mark!Text visible to more distant players
WhisperSemicolon;Text only visible to players on neighouring tile
EmoteColon:Facial expression or indicate action
PartyForward slash/Chat for a temporary group
GuildBack slash\All members of your guild
AlliancePipe|All members of your guild and allied guilds
Global ChatApostrophe+Space' Friends (Across all shards)
Public Shard ChatComma,All players on current shard

Can't find a key?

Some computers use slightly different layouts. If the one shown to the right does not match your layout and you can't find some of the keys, you can either look up other layout variants on wikipedia or simply open Notepad and try all keys until you find the correct one. Try the modifier keys (Ctrl, Alt and combinations thereof), too. Sometimes, the apostrophe is RightAlt + #.

Setting up Macros

Speech Color

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