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Core Wars

A red glass ball

Highly focused he watched the dwarf who was about to fight the giant. When he watched this scenery, he inevitably had to remember David and Goliath. This giant was very huge and it appeared that the dwarf did not have the slightest chance. This fight was unfair: The dwarf was not only skimpier but also blind and obviously never heard about fighting tactics. However, he had one strength: his stubbornness. Without knowing where Goliath was he throw rocks around, of course without placing a single hit. He never thought about quitting and was willing to push the envelope. Supposedly, he not even knew how strong his opponent was. Suddenly the seemingly impossible happened: David hit Goliath with a rock so hard, that the giant fell on the ground and died on the spot. The opponent was beaten; he died silently, without moaning and groaning.

Thomas lifted an eyebrow and every one of his friends had recognized, that he definitely had not expected, what has happened before his eyes. One moment later, he was focused again. He moved the mouse of his computer and entered some characters highly speedy. After a brief moment, he clicked the mouse one more time and Goliath was placed on the battlefield again, even more determined to beat this dwarf.

Thomas still spent some time to watch the two combatants until he finally fell asleep on his keyboard. He had a very strange and intense dream about battles in cyberspace. This dream began that he woke up at his computer and a message was written on his screen: "Wake up, Neo..."

But this is another story, and should be told somewhere else...

The Imp Ring

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