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Harald Markus Wirth

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Should be easy, but isn't

On my Lucid Lynx, I can create a share with Nautilus, but nobody can log in from outside, because there is no user/password defined for that share. That's definitively wrong. Fortunately, it's quite easy to create a user:

  1. Open the terminal and type:
    sudo smbpasswd -a <your user name>
  2. Create a folder, name it "shared"
  3. Right click the folder, select "Sharing Options"
  4. Select "Share this folder" and "Allow other people to write in this folder" (the latter might not be necessary)
  5. click "Modify share", allow it to apply permissions, when you get asked
  6. Access your Ubuntu PC from your Windows XP, enter your password. Files will be created as youruser:yourgroup with file perms 0744

What to do, if the file permissions are messed up

If you forgot to create the smbpasswd, your files might be owned by nobody:nobody. Bestow ownership recursively with (cd into the shared folder first, or repace the dot with the path)

find . -type f -exec chown user:group {} ;
find . -type d -exec chown user:group {} ;

If you need to recursively set file permissions, use:

find . -type f -exec chmod perms {} ;
find . -type d -exec chmod perms {} ;

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