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My Little Program

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Hyper Cartoon Markup Language
My Little Program is a prototype for an HCML. It provides CSS rules for creating comic strip cartoons and some JavaScript code to help animating it. With some extra JS-code, it is possible to create playable dialogs or other specifics for a level, as you can see in the first two episodes' source code.
Hausmeister T. and his vocalists
Base story line for a first adventure,
Game Music: Daring Do - Adventure Girl
daring_do.mp3 (8.2 MiB)
I am desperately looking for a volunteer artist, who wants to help implementing the real story. ;-)
Desktop gadget, that lets ponies wander about your screen.
I used the anigifs for my HCML prototype.
Header images for the web page
EMFF Player
It is a flash plugin. I should replace it with <audio> - you should ignore it.

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