The Core War Imp Ring
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Alpha Version

Window positioning (still) assumes a maximized browser on a Full-HD screen.
Windows can be moved by holding the CTRL key and click/drag anywhere inside the window.
The assembler is rubbish. Warriors with many EQUs can take seconds to compile.


The core should be compatible to ICWS94 v3.3, as I found it on Github.
The assembler is mostly compatible with pMARS, only a few exotic constructs don't work.
For example: label1 x FOR 0 ROF, label2 something else, JMP label1, will fail to compile.


ARES' assembler results can be automatically compared to pMARS'. Enable it globally for all warriors in the main menu (Extra / Always verify...) or for an individual warrior in the Options menu of the corresponding editor. With verifification enabled, the server uses pMARS to compile your warrior, and a warning message is shown, if ARES produced a different result. Details about verification are printed to the browser's developer console.


Upcoming Features

I'd love to hear your opinions/rants/suggestions about the user interface and the work flow!


Of course. Since I am constantly changing the program, new errors arise all the time. There is no need for errors to be reported (yet), unless you want me to fix something specific for your enjoyment of this prototype.


Log in to my chat (no registration) and wait a minute. Alternatively, find me on, or check my contact page for other communication channels.