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June 20th, 2007

Did you ever want to find video clips on youtube, that are longer than just some minutes? You find many on! A little hint: Try keywords "bbc" or "national geographic" for documentaries.
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Advanced video search on Google

January 13th, 2007

Oil Peak, 9/11 and Alcohol

oil pump and sunset

The peak of world oilfield discoveries occurred in 1965.

United States oil production peaked in 1971.

In 2004, 30 billion barrels of oil were consumed worldwide, while only eight billion barrels of new oil reserves were discovered. New discoveries of huge, easily exploitable oil fields are most likely a thing of the past. (Wikipedia)

Energy demand could double by 2050 (Shell home page)

"The greatest part of the energy needed will have to come from fossil fuels. Oil and natural gas supply more than 50% of the world’s energy today. Yet finding new and diverse sources is getting tougher. This is not because the world is running out. There are still enough resources left to be discovered and developed, but these are in increasingly remote and challenging locations and in “unconventional” oil deposits, such as oil sands and oil shales."


(Fossil) Fuel is running out. Slowly. We will face the effects in our life times. There will probably be some wars for the remaining ressources; maybe these wars already begun (See "Oil, Smoke and Mirrors"). I believe, that the change will not be abrupt - but we will encounter some significant changes in our live styles - as oil is becoming more expensive, most products we use today without thinking of the origin - fossil oil - will certainly get extremely expensive or dissapear: Plastic bags, synthetic textiles, outdoor equipment, toys, synthetic colors four your house or printing books, compact discs, nail polish (and remover), nearly any chemicals we use, and much more.

But the primary and secondary products made out of oil are not the only affected issue by the oil peak. You have to consider, what else is dependent on oil: Transportation (Your car, the food you buy in the supermarket, flights), chemistry (nearly everything around us: pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, pesticides, plastics), production (Machines for harvesting, robots, computers) - everything will get more and more unaffordable.

That's still not the end of the story: not only Earth's population is growing rapidly (500% in the last 150 years), the demand for energy constantly increases. At the other hand, we can't expect to find much more "cheap oil", so the supply is going to decline. We need to find new solutions to the energy question. Atomic energy? Besides the unsolved problem of the extremely hazardous waste, it is still a limited ressource.

For example we could change to renewable ressources, like biomass, solar or wind energy. This is impossible? Too expensive? Not feasible? Far away in the future? With the 1973 oil crisis the Brazilian government initiated in 1975 the Pró-Álcool program - the government forced the industry to build cars, that can be fueled with ethanol, produced from the sugar cane plant. Btw. ethanol is one of the most powerful chemical energy sources, for those who think, we need that "strong" petrol. Well, lot of things are going to change, but that is nothing new.

Panta rei.

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Hubbert Peak Theory

Hirsch Report

Google Video:
Lecture of
Richard Heinberg

Richard Heinberg`s bio

Google Video:
"Oil, Smoke and Mirrors"
documentary on peak oil, 9/11 and the war on terror.

short meditative clip

Common myths

The National Program
for Alcohol (Brazil)

January 11th, 2007

Nanotech: space elevator going to be built

Carbon-Nanotubes, only some atoms in diameter, can now be produced in large amounts and used to make strings. They are very robust, and therefore it would be possible to build an elevator up to the geosynchronous orbit. The benefits of such a transport system to the orbit are the low energy cost to leave earth's gravity and the lesser pollution, that would be zero in comparison to conventional rocket motors, burning tons of fuel per start.

Science fiction?

This has long been a topic only considered as being pure science fiction. But there is a private corporation, currently working on the construction of the space elevator! They already spent some billion USD for research and bought an out aged oil platform at the equator. They plan to open the space port in 2017.
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Space Lift

January 11th, 2007

Core Wars

3D-visualization of a Core War battle
Blood-thirsty warriors in action
Core War is a game for programmers, that has been invented in the early 1960s. You write warrior programs and let them battle in a virtual computer.

Evil Hacker's Game?

Some believe, that Core War is a game, that teaches you how to write viruses or how to crack servers. Neither of both has something to do with Core War - at least not more that simply writing any kind of program. Nobody would say, that programming a web site teaches you writing a virus, right?

Violent Game??

Okay, I can understand how it comes, that some think of virus programming, when they hear about Core War. But the newsgroup has been put to the blacklist by Cyber Patrol. Unbelievable, they tagged it "Quest/Illegal/Gamble Violence/Profanity Intol" - illegal? violence? intolerance?? I don't get it...
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Core War

January 11th, 2007

No need for mouse buttons

The "" page was mentioned on mobuzzTV, it's a quite interesting approach for using computers without clicking. The page seems to be some sort of research outcome. Nice design though.
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January 11th, 2007

Web Log α-version online

Just another silly blog? Nay, I am not going to make this one more online diary.

I programmed the cybernaut mainly to check out, how RSS-feeds are to be implemented. For a long time, I refused to become a blogger only because everybody thought it was hip. But yesterday I changed my mind, when I stumbled upon a nice vlog - mobuzzTV - promoting interesting stuff about IT. I was inspired to make a vlog by myself - I am just missing the right hard- and software, so I present this as a normal blog for a first step.

the cybernaut

If you decide to subscribe to the cybernaut, you will be provided articles and links to everything creative, inovative, political, space related, parapsychological or just funny stuff, whatever happens to appear on my screen.

Web related news

Not that I would dislike the moderator of mobuzzTV ;-P but the mix of content is really good, you should give it a try. It's a good idea to look into the archives.
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