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Keyboard Invaders

Save the world using the touch typing strategy

Beta version

Keyboard Invaders is a program to train typing without looking on the keyboard. If you have any problems with this program, I will be happy to get a message from you. Let me know what happened and which browser you used. For this purpose, you can use the instant-message function (Foot note: Messenger Page) on my homepage.

Game instructions


ScreenshotPlanet Earth is threatened by evil space invaders. You have to keep them off from landing and occupying the planet. You will succeed by pressing the according key to the space ship. However, you only can eliminate the leading ship! During the battle, new space ships will appear constantly.

How to use the program

Start the game by clicking "Start the game". A new window will open and load the program. To start a game, press the Space bar. A message box will tell you, which keys are used in the current level. You can "click" the OK-button usually by hitting the Space key again. Sometimes the program acts strangely after using the Space bar for clicking the button, try reloading the game to correct this. If this still doesn't solve the problem, try clicking the OK-button the first time using your mouse. At the right bottom you find a drop down list, that lets you select the starting level.

About the Game

The game consists of 40 attacks. Eight levels, where the program queries certain keys more than in the level before, and five sub-levels, where beginning speed increases. One level is won if all space ships are eliminated. Planet Earth is saved if all 40 attacks are won. If a space ship has landed on the planet, the game is lost. You also can repeat single levels.

Hot Tips

As this game is dedicated as training program to train for typing without peeking on the keyboard, it is optimized for this purpose. If you hit a wrong key, the speed will increase rapidly. If you hit a space ship, the speed will decrease. You should avoid hitting wrong keys. If you don't strike too rapidly, but consider about your key strokes, it will be much easier to fight off the attacks more successfully.

Hints for successful training

You will have the best success, if you get used to a frequent rhythm; on the game as well as typing without having to peek on the keyboard. Don't look at the keyboard, but at the displayed graphic with finger schematics. This gives you the best learning effect. If you are really interested to learn keyboarding without peeking to the keyboard you should create a cover. On this cover you may want to attach a keyboard schematic, so you still can "cheat" while avoiding unwanted eye-finger conditioning. offers a list of other touch typing programsExternal Link (online and downloadables)

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