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ScreenshotThe well kown game as internet program... (I started to write this for testing the network object of a programming language). I won't add artificial intelligence before version 1.0.

Short instructions

One player starts the program as server, the client part of the program will connect to the started server automatically using address localhost:1024. The other player doesn't need the server. She only needs to enter the IP-Address and the port number (Default: 1024) of the first player. A click to the "connect" button starts the game. First you need to set up your battle field: Click to a ship for moving it. Use the right mouse button to rotate the ship. Another left-click drops the ship. When no ships are surrounded by the red frame (which indicates an illegal position), a check box captioned "Ready" appears. When both players checked this box, the game begins. The first player is chosen randomly for the first game. Now you can start the battle, selecting the target square in your opponent's area. The first player who sinks all ships of the other player wins the game. There is a chat function available, too.

Download (730 K)

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Last Update: June 28 2010, 13:02
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