Active Redcode Elaboration System

Playfully learn program writing with ARES!

A.R.E.S. screenshot

A.R.E.S. is an integrated developement enviroment for the game "Core War". It is fully compatible to the official ICWS'94 core war standard and to some other standards. It includes a tournament mode (alltough A.R.E.S. surely isn't the fastest M.A.R.S. out there), and a debugger with breakpoints, break conditions, CPU inspection and more. The debugger also allows you to follow the execution in the warriors source codes. You may manipulate and inspect the memory at any desired time of execution, for optimizing and debugging. Additionally there is an experimental mode with a virtual console (that is a monitor with a keyboard) and some features allowing to build an operating system (stack, subroutines, virtual hardware. A tiny ROM-Program is included). A.R.E.S. is an ideal educational tool, allready used at some schools and universities all over the world. And it's free - get rich by using it! (If you manage to make money with A.R.E.S. please tell me, how you did it ;-)

Updated January 3rd, 2007:

Download (692 KByte)
(Windows executeable, runs with wine)

An introduction to computing in general and the
A.R.E.S. manual is found at

More freeware can be found on

The Core War Imp Ring

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